My friend Kevin Dye from Adelaide/ Australia just celebrated something, that most of us won’t reach: 30 years of intensive training. He just started his 31st year of training last week.

For me that’s reason enough to write the first blog-article in English to congratulate Kevin. ^^

Kevin started training in 1978 and in the very beginning of his training he did something, that most bodybuilders would have liked to do: he met Mike Mentzer on a seminar and later he consultated Mike and learned a lot about Heavy Duty from him.
Like Kevin said some days ago, no matter what he does, he always ends up doing a Heavy Duty programm again, usually training every fourth day. But Kevin does not only train for himself, he also shares the experiences that he makes with his own training and writes about it, like in his article “Shy away” (Link).

Good luck for at least another 30 years of training! I hope that one day one of your dreams will come true and I will be one of the first that read your book!


P.S.: FIBO is every year, let’s hope we will manage it within the next 30 years. The distance Adelaide – Essen is just 15797.08km (9816.058miles). If you walk/ swim about 39,5km per day and start today, we will be able to go in 2009. If you don’t like, just take the plane. ^^